Buddhist Site Under DEvelopment

Pallur Ancient Buddhist Stupa

When we have visited to Pallur which is small a hamlet and stationed eight mils north-west of Kancipurm, Tamilnadu and seen the Buddhist Image in small Buddha Vihara. Local people said that these three images were brought from cultivate land of mound by Old women and old women has bullied the small Buddha Vihar and all three images of Buddha has been installed in small Buddha Vihara and doing daily worshiping.

At present some Brahmanism unpaid solders has been installed a Shivlinga in the all over the area of Ancient Buddhist mound were had found Buddha images, a large number of brick-bats are scattered all over the area of the mound, indicating a collapsed structure. On this basis, it has been cleared that the collapsed structured might have been originally a Buddha Vihar later convert into a Shiva Temple of Hindu and called Buddhametu or Puttametu.