Buddhist Site Under DEvelopment

Devtek Ancient Buddhist Stupa

We have visited on Date 23/10/2016 with Ven. Vinayakhita, Dr. Mahndara Landge, Ashwamegh Patil “Kahadi Khadal” situated near Bramhapuri town District Chandrpur place from Nagpur is 120 Km. “Kahadi Khadal” is was Residential Buddhist complex city, excavation had been done by ASI and Antiques shifted to Museum. Afther we have Visited to “Udapur Ancient Buddhist Stupa” which was Ajatshatru period and situated is very near from Bramhapuri town and word Udaipur comes from king Udayana name who was king of Kausmbi. When we have seen Present situation the whole Buddhists community has been build houses on Ancient Buddhist Monuments. Finally we have reached at Devtek, situated in north direction, 10km from Tahsil Bramhapuri were was inscripetion of Emperor Ashoka but ASI has been shifted to Museum. Devtek Ancient Monument and there is small Ancient Monument. Which is under development of ASI.